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Happy Halloween all!

2011-10-31 10:30:35 by DarkVisionComics

Have a fun, safe halloween everyone! Be responsible!

Comic con/Newgrounds

2011-10-11 23:58:50 by DarkVisionComics

Who's going? :} Let me know! I'd love to meet some flash animators/Artists/Writers/etc there!


2011-08-04 00:43:37 by DarkVisionComics

Since you all want to read it! I posted a link in my last post but apparently the link doesn't work so here ya go!!
Click artwork and comics at the top right!


Lethally Evil Issue 1:For those who don't know the story..

2011-08-02 10:15:55 by DarkVisionComics

Lethally Evil Issue 1 was created by me a long time ago, without a title name, just a lot of artwork of the characters. This year I finally decided to create the comic, and got amazing results as more wanted the sequel!

The story goes:
Long ago, there was a powerful demon (Lucifer) and a angel who fell in love with each other. They made a domain to keep outsiders and others from knowing their love for one another. Lucifer was scarred with the unholy marks as he was banished from heaven, they are shapped like arrows on his body, and anyone he interfers with or encounters physically, and sexually, they also get inflicted with the unholy marks. Years past, and the angel gave birth to the first devil spawn. A devil spawn is a powerful demonic hybrid that only happens when affairs are like these. The first devil spawn was named IVIL. Soon to be discovered by god , the angel was imprisoned along with Lucifer in the path of no return seperated for ever. However, God thought of Ivil as a bit of Holy, as he was born in heaven he thought he could teach Ivil to live a holy life even though he was part demon. And so did, Marked with the unholy scars only on his forearms....but Lucifer's tricks got him to escape imprisonment and travel back to the 9th circle, where he encountered a demoness, who he had an affair with at the time of Ivil's birth and before his imprisonment. Later on that Demoness gave birth to a true devil spawn, a full fledged demonic entity. Scared with unholy marks from neck to foot, he was named Natas (Satan spelled backwards). He didn't know he had a brother a first born til god finally decided to let them see each other once in a while. As they grew older and millions of years passed, the human world became more modern and demons sought out escape to get revenge on god. Ivil vowed to protect the human world and Heavens while he tried to make an agreement with Natas to keep the demons in hell,. Natas agreed and vowed to keep lethal demons from entering the human world. The two created the balance of good and evil. Demons enter hell, but none escape. However,...there was rumors 1 million years before the vow was given that a third devil spawn roamed hell as well. His name was Bleed, a demon who wanted revenge on god and to free Lucifer once and for all. His motivations were to become a god and rule over all three kingdoms. He despises Natas and Ivil for vowing to do good, when they can dominate as they please. As he is stuck in Limbo...he plans out his escape, and tries to trick Natas into joining him, Natas refuses as he knows he may destroy balance. While they battle, Bleed planned for Beezlebub to occupy Ivil or kill him so he may enter the human world without a problem. But Bleed doesn't know who he's Fu**ing with.Lethally Evil Issue:1 Full comic with Extra content! CLICK HERE

Lethally Evil Issue 1:For those who don't know the story..

Since a company by the name of Dark Vision Comics already exists.. I had no choice but to make the name different into Darkvision Comics Instead of spacing them, that way no one will be sued. In total and overall, It was worth it but I paid a amount of 159.00, and if That name couldn't be taken, I wouldn't be able to pay that price. I'm actually pretty happy, alot happended in one day today, which is good! can't wait to see what the future holds!!!

I'm no expert in flash yet! but I made a really crappy animation in 2009, and it got into the portal so I gathered enough skill along the way to make one of my own. But I can't do it alone!!! I need a programmer, and sound specialist/voicing, because I do not know how to do any of those. Crappy 2009 Animation
Theres my crappy demo I didn't finish at all, I abandoned the project because I lost interest in the flash.
But please skilled flash animators! I want to make it good!!!