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Keep in touch?

2012-03-21 16:11:10 by DarkVisionComics

Find me on Deviant art http://legionxdarkvision.deviantart.com/ , I no longer bring my art to this site.

Darkvision Comics: Myself -Silent Hill collab

2012-03-03 03:21:50 by DarkVisionComics

Yep you saw it right. from a status post last month, I asked a bunch of friends and users on my facebook, "What video game collab should I do next? I am not choosing...you are! " and from the votes from the number of people saying the same game , such as ex: two people say pokemon it counts as 2 votes. so from the order of what it was from , the first that got 6 votes would be the winner. The games running up were
Prototype- which got a 2/6
Silent hIll -which obv won but got a 7/6
Assassians creed-1/6
Devil may cry- which was totally eliminated due to the fan artwork by us starting next month for the HD collection
and darksiders -1/6

Silent hill won obv, and I must say I'm excited to start it soon! I am working on a mini series comic and that will be finished first before I start my collab by myself. Seeing I am improving with my coloring skills day by day because of the new tablet I bought , and I just started using one for the first time, I see the collab to be a huge success, and after silent hill....whats next? should I redo the dead space collab ? you decide :}

Darkvision Comics: Myself -Silent Hill collab

Okay so I scouted this user, and he asked me what made me scout him, I told him I used to be in his position a very long time ago and I always got fed up because I saw horrible artwork *(Like a stick figure..really?) in the art portal and theres hundreds of NG users dying to get into the portal. So one day it finally hit me and I got scouted, I was happy, but I DIDN'T KNOW I COULD SCOUT OTHERS I thought like a bot did it...scouted people and that nonsense no. So I said, why not, I know theres a lot of ng users waiting to upload their artwork and some art is a shit load better than mine and they never get scouted or seen and theres a lot of unseen talent here. So I respect everyone's art and give everyone a chance when I see one. They should have a chance too and hell, maybe even make front page! I'm proud of the users who are willing and trying to get out there, and it doesn't matter if your a bad artist, practice practice practice! I still need to practice on shit and i'm good, so...improvement always! anyway I hope to get front paged as well one day! Keep trying my hardest, and scouting people really brings out the thank you's and appreciation! I love it! Keep it metal -Legion

Can't submit my art..

2012-02-08 02:24:14 by DarkVisionComics

Anyone having the same issues?

Okay so I don't know if you encountered this complete douche bag , his name is "TheArtcritic21" or something, and he's giving artists on NG a hard time with his bullshit reviews, Putting them down,making them feel like shit and in my opp I think he's lost or something, probably some 12 year old with no life trying to be cool er someshit..*burp* yeah so..How do you report a douche bag like that? I see nothing where I can report him or am I just not looking.

Hahaha I just thought it was pretty funny, but still congress is trying to destroy our shit! so I respect newgrounds willing to fight back by putting down the site but..I found a way on...ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE? :D

I'm excited, I haven't done a flash animation in a while so I must practice before I even start my actual animation. I'm going to make something amazing, probably one of my characters just doing a bunch of actions, fighting, or whatnot but intense. Heres a screenshot of what it might look like!

Okay..So I'm making my first flash animation for newgrounds

Because apparently my "Talents" Don't belong here. How would that make anyone feel if they were told that. Well pick your stuff up and move pretty much to somewhere better. So I might as well just do the same.

Thinking of deleting my account here on NG.

SO I decided to post up new artwork yeah whatever cool.... but one of them, I spent a long time on yeah cool, whatever, I uploaded it fucking awesome. soooo insult to injury it gets a low score and some guy comments on it saying it needs improvement which I SO AGREE. It could use a bit more improvement but thanks, SO i upload another , similar picture, has good detail in it, but I was honest in the author's comment saying "I feel like I rushed it. needs some work maybe" and it gets a higher score? What you give me a higher score because I'm being honest. ... Lol come on NG users.. give real comments and what you really think. I get trying to be nice but fuck.. lol. First photo uploaded
The one that got the better score is underneath. :}

Okay, this doesn't make sense anymore.