Darkvision Comics: Myself -Silent Hill collab

2012-03-03 03:21:50 by DarkVisionComics

Yep you saw it right. from a status post last month, I asked a bunch of friends and users on my facebook, "What video game collab should I do next? I am not choosing...you are! " and from the votes from the number of people saying the same game , such as ex: two people say pokemon it counts as 2 votes. so from the order of what it was from , the first that got 6 votes would be the winner. The games running up were
Prototype- which got a 2/6
Silent hIll -which obv won but got a 7/6
Assassians creed-1/6
Devil may cry- which was totally eliminated due to the fan artwork by us starting next month for the HD collection
and darksiders -1/6

Silent hill won obv, and I must say I'm excited to start it soon! I am working on a mini series comic and that will be finished first before I start my collab by myself. Seeing I am improving with my coloring skills day by day because of the new tablet I bought , and I just started using one for the first time, I see the collab to be a huge success, and after silent hill....whats next? should I redo the dead space collab ? you decide :}

Darkvision Comics: Myself -Silent Hill collab


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2012-03-09 17:59:17

finally there going to make afucking silent hill collab its has to be extremely funny though