Giving everyone a chance!

2012-02-10 03:13:57 by DarkVisionComics

Okay so I scouted this user, and he asked me what made me scout him, I told him I used to be in his position a very long time ago and I always got fed up because I saw horrible artwork *(Like a stick figure..really?) in the art portal and theres hundreds of NG users dying to get into the portal. So one day it finally hit me and I got scouted, I was happy, but I DIDN'T KNOW I COULD SCOUT OTHERS I thought like a bot did it...scouted people and that nonsense no. So I said, why not, I know theres a lot of ng users waiting to upload their artwork and some art is a shit load better than mine and they never get scouted or seen and theres a lot of unseen talent here. So I respect everyone's art and give everyone a chance when I see one. They should have a chance too and hell, maybe even make front page! I'm proud of the users who are willing and trying to get out there, and it doesn't matter if your a bad artist, practice practice practice! I still need to practice on shit and i'm good, so...improvement always! anyway I hope to get front paged as well one day! Keep trying my hardest, and scouting people really brings out the thank you's and appreciation! I love it! Keep it metal -Legion


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2012-02-19 22:25:53