How do you report someone?

2012-01-19 23:55:48 by DarkVisionComics

Okay so I don't know if you encountered this complete douche bag , his name is "TheArtcritic21" or something, and he's giving artists on NG a hard time with his bullshit reviews, Putting them down,making them feel like shit and in my opp I think he's lost or something, probably some 12 year old with no life trying to be cool er someshit..*burp* yeah so..How do you report a douche bag like that? I see nothing where I can report him or am I just not looking.


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2012-01-20 00:09:24

Just message a review moderator with a link to the offenders account and a quick explanation of what is going on.

DarkVisionComics responds:

Will do. Thank you.