Okay, this doesn't make sense anymore.

2012-01-11 19:50:09 by DarkVisionComics

SO I decided to post up new artwork yeah whatever cool.... but one of them, I spent a long time on yeah cool, whatever, I uploaded it fucking awesome. soooo insult to injury it gets a low score and some guy comments on it saying it needs improvement which I SO AGREE. It could use a bit more improvement but thanks, SO i upload another , similar picture, has good detail in it, but I was honest in the author's comment saying "I feel like I rushed it. needs some work maybe" and it gets a higher score? What you give me a higher score because I'm being honest. ... Lol come on NG users.. give real comments and what you really think. I get trying to be nice but fuck.. lol. First photo uploaded
The one that got the better score is underneath. :}

Okay, this doesn't make sense anymore.


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2012-01-11 20:02:52

A majority of ng's users are 14 year old children who troll all day long. If you want to get a high score on your art just draw porn. Seriously most people care about seeing tits, rather than seeing quality art. When in doubt draw porn.

DarkVisionComics responds:

Lets see it reach front page.